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Find an excuse to travel, learn something new and feed your soul

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Rest & Rejuvenate your Brand in Barbados 2022

Rest, relax and rejuvenate the way you do business with an exclusive retreat to one of the world’s most exclusive locations. A luxury retreat to reactivate your inner balance, capped by magical nights and dinner by sea.

Public presentation

Public Speaker Training in NYC

Harness your inner stardom and learn to express yourself with passion in a one of a kind opportunity with a publicist who has trained everyone from Celebrities to CEOs.

If You Have Ever Struggled as an Entrepreneur, this is the #1 Thing to Focus On

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The most prolific publicist in New York and Toronto shares what it takes to thrive as an entrepreneur while garnering the visibility every entrepreneur needs to stand out from the herd. With the majority of companies now operating online, learn valuable techniques for raising capital, attracting VCs, garnering millions of impressions and views and leaving an impact in social media as well as in person. Powerful techniques in marketing from publicity’s brightest think tanks are included as bonus editions to PR DIY classrooms offered at Zebra Public Relations.

Founders Live NYC is Here!

Connect, network, pitch and go! Founders Live is the global venue and network that gives tens of thousands of modern entrepreneurs the opportunity to earn global recognition, gain new business opportunities, connect with other world class entrepreneurs, access important growth capital, and truly become rockstars.