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Perfect your pitch off off Broadway in a three hour training session so that you can close more business, communicate live, find your soul mate or secure the ideal casting or business opportunity you were seeking.  Release all of your anxiety about presenting yourself to others and train with a New York City based publicist who has worked with countless CEOs, entrepreneurs, celebrities and actors who wish to become flawless in their communications leading to greater profitability and abundance.  What is public speaking? Public speaking is an art form that has long been celebrated by media.  In other words, you will close more media and press engagements when you are compelling onscreen and live.  Similarly, the more compelling you are the more people want to engage you.  And that will be an amazing for your brand.

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Zebra Public Relations is a full-service Public Relations boutique that services companies and industry leaders in various stages of growth and personal development seeking to raise brand image to #iconic status through the use of both new and traditional media, innovation methodology, marketing strategy and communications as a means to achieve that end.

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