Humanitarians of the World Host 1st Annual Awards Gala for COVID 19 Heroes​

Humanitarians of the World Host 1st Annual Awards Gala for COVID 19 Heroes
QUEENS, New York – Sherpas are known for conquering the highest mountains.  In this vein, Humanitarians of the World Inc, has successfully celebrated the World’s First COVID-19 Champions Awards & Dinner Gala, at the United Sherpa Association Inc, Temple located in Elmhurst Queens, New York.
The Event is the brainchild of Dr. Adal Hussain, who came up with the idea of honoring the community, along with politicians who have made a difference as well as a wide range of organizations who have served by giving of themselves with tireless and exceptional work ethic as the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to rage on.
The Event is held in Collaboration with The United Sherpa Association Inc, headed by President Urgen Sherpa.
The invite only event allowed a total only of 50 people on two floors to account for restrictions in accordance with safety protocols regarding community transmission. The event is slated to vw streamed on Facebook live, LinkedIn and a number of other platforms.
While dinner took place from 4pm-6pm, politicians were honored and acknowledged, then an interfaith panel took lace, moderated by Dr. Adal Hussain, Founder Humanitarians of the World Inc, and organizer of the COVID-19 Champions Awards. The Following Panelists will all be participating:
Urgen Sherpa, President United Sherpa Association Inc, Buddhist.
REV Bruce Grodner: National Executive Director, American Clergy Leadership Conference, Christian.
Representatives from the Hindu community will also participate.
“It is nice to see Politicians and representatives of the Hindu community honored by the COVID-19 Champions Award, says Kojenwa Moitt, CEO at Zebra PR.  “Far too many have been unfairly vilified.”  A few, include:
Melinda Katz (Newly Elected Queens DA), keynote speaker and Honoree
Grace Meng: Sixth Congressional District of New York, to be honored and will also present proclamations to Dr. Adal Hussain and Urgen Sherpa, co-organizers of the event
Catalina Cruz : Assemblywoman for the 39th District, honoree and presenter of Citations to Dr.Adal Hussain and Urgen Sherpa.
Danny Dromm: Council Member: representing District 25, honoree and presenter of Citations to Dr.Adal Hussain and Urgen Sherpa.
Jessica González-Rojas: Assembly member Elect District 34, honoree.
Jeffrion L. Aubry for the 35th A.D. of Queens County: Honoree and presenter of Proclamations to Dr. Adal Hussain and Urgen Sherpa.
Sharon Lee, Acting Queens Borough President: presenting Citations to Dr.Adal Hussain & Urgen Sherpa and a Proclamation To Humanitarians of the World Inc.
Other community honorees will include: Mohammed Pier, Philanthropist, Jean Shafiroff, Philanthropist & Humanitarian, Farida Yesmin, Humanitarian, Rev Bruce Grodner, Church leader and Pastor Alba Lucia Yepes T.
“Over 20 Honorees, from the Indian, South East and Himalayan communities will be honored with COVID-19 Champion Awards,” says Urgen Sherpa, president of the United Sherpa Association Inc.  “We need to give special thanks to those who work tirelessly to save all human lives.  Our diversity is what makes us uniquely American.”
While invitations to receive honor and acknowledgement have been extended to staff members at Elmhurst hospital, many were unable to attend the Gala because doctors and nurses working, have few waking hours available to attend.  In lieu of this, Humanitarians of the World Inc and the United Sherpa Association Inc presented the following honorees with thanks following their contribution toward sustaining human life during COVID-19 Pandemic.
The list of hospital staff is included below: 
Israel Rocha, Jr. Chief Executive Officer, NYC Health + Hospitals — Elmhurst, who received the award for the Executive Administration.
Joan M. Curcio, MD; Department of Nursing
Alfredo Astua, MD: Chief of Pulmonary Critical Care and Sleep at Elmhurst Hospital Center   Mount Sinai Services.
Dr. Kessler, Director: Department of Emergency Medicine, Elmhurst Hospital Center, New York.
Over four thousand people were honored, with four plaques that will hang proudly in each one of the departments honoring #ElmhurstStrong frontline workers.  “We honor your strength and respect you for what you have done and continue to do during the COVID-19 Pandemic,” said Dr.Adal Hussain, Founder of Humanitarians of the World Inc.  Israel Rocha, Jr. Chief Executive Officer, NYC Health + Hospitals — Elmhurst went on to express, “your recognition of our efforts during COVID-19, warms our hearts and inspires us as we continue to care for patients during the current healthcare crisis.”
The Event concluded successfully with an authentic Himalayan Dinner, vegetarian dishes and desserts with cultural drinks alongside.


For more information:    Humanitarians of the World Inc, @              United Sherpa Association Inc @

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