You will Never Guess what Fashion Week Brooklyn is doing to Pivot for Season 2020

We are all craving a bit of normalcy this season as COVID threatens to disrupt our most sacred activities like Halloween this fall.  Fortunately, for FWBK, everything from couture to streetwear is still on deck with a presentation of shows presented by BK Style Foundation team at Fashion Week Brooklyn, ranging from Young designers to emerging designers and ”Imagine the Future” with Technology design exhibition, kicking off with Sustainable Couture “Sustainability is the Future”. For the first time in its 14 years, the fashion runway can be view on your favorite streaming platform, presenting designers’ collections via stream with no audience, through Roku TV as the main source for communication. 

The concept of pivoting is hardly new to the team at Fashion Week Brooklyn. The models and creatives have done it for years, turning small budgets into massive productions.  Also, the fanfare about sustainability in the world of fashion was an idea that founder Rick Davy has championed years before Ana Wintour addressed it at the Milan shows this year when she urged consumers to be much more mindful about their shopping habits.

Fashion Week Brooklyn has gained international recognition and popularity for its inclusivity and diversity casting, two philosophies that are hot this year especially with the Black Lives Matter movement afoot and the “Slayway” segment with Trans and LGBTQ models and special “The wedding” segment fashion wedding on at the socceroof top in Sunset Park Brooklyn .

It’s almost as though the medium is in itself the message because just as clothes serve to reinvent us, so too does the circumstance dictate the means by which the industry of fashion must operate. Namely, that lockdown has forced the industry to pivot not only towards a more sustainable style of curating raw materials and that it must do so on an international playing field,  FWBK going with the theme “Innovation x Minimalism” to bring this message to life.

Fashion Week Brooklyn stuns in an impeccable simul-cast live-stream

It’s a win-win for everyone including the national and international designers who will be showing their collections this season. It’s the highest number yet as designers like Made in NYC Claire Fluery @clairefleurynyc  Mary Jager @maryjaeger_ny Alec Musicc @alex_musicci

Thunderlily @thunderlilynyc Linda Rondinelli MUN @munwearing John Guarnes @guarnesjohn

Never one to pass up an opportunity to highlight greatness, FWBK includes a fleet of designers ranging from various countries including the Philippines curate by Bench Bello, Canada and the country of Barbados curate by Junior Sealy and Ashley Lashley.

The institution has always served to highlight the works of emerging designers, giving them a platform to cinch deals with buyers and to make headlines with A list fashion magazines.  This time, viewers can buy directly from their dashboards, at the online expo by BK Style X Brooklyn Beauty Fashion Labo Virtual Expo and with partner, COPE NYC.  Check your local listings here.

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